The Teddy's Story

TeddysUK starting up
Handmade in Conwy, North Wales; our grooming product range targets the desires of the modern bearded man, to help you stay in vogue and well styled.

We combined aspects of current male grooming trends and a strong Celtic heritage to create our distinctive logo and style.

Our logo is that of a Wolfhound, which alongside Deerhounds and Greyhounds appears throughout Celtic history and mythology, most relatably; the local legend of Gelert. Gelert was a brave hound gifted from King John of England to Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Gwynedd.

Teddy's Beard Balm
Alongside celebrating our roots we are also appealing to a generation increasingly concerned with the source of their products, by only using high quality, natural, unrefined and organic ingredients.

We only use the best ingredients which will benefit your skin and beard. Carefully chosen blends of essential oils are used solely to utilise their aromatherapy and herbal properties, without overpowering or overloading your senses. We focus on subtle, gentlemanly tones in our grooming products.

In 2017; we launched our first design in our clothing range under the name 'Teddy's Custom's'. Our design featured a suave, bearded, skeletal character we named Ted, wearing traditional Teddy Boy attire. 

In keeping to our handcrafted ethos we customise these existing designs with our trusty sewing machine and using dye's so every garment is unique. 

Teddy's Customs Apparel North Wales

Each and every product in our grooming range is hand crafted. No nasty chemicals, mass production, or cruelty to animals is involved. So please take a look around our site, and thank you for supporting an independent Welsh business!