Teddy's 'Original' Beard Care Gift Set

'So fresh words are hard to find'

"Big shout out to Nick and the guys over at TeddysUK who sent me out a sample parcel of Beard Soap, Oil and Balm. Well, I've tried out all three and I can safely say these products are up there with some of the best I've used.

The soap is excellent and after a long day in a dusty warehouse in searing heat it really refreshed the beard. Easy to use and it came with a handy little stand for it to go on once finished with.

The oil is how an oil should be - not runny like water and when applied it gave a lovely shine to my face fur. 

Just like the oil, the balm smelled fantastic. So fresh that words are hard to find and so far since applying it's offered a great hold. 

For an upstart company that's still in its infancy these products are top drawer. I for one am excited about what the future holds for Nick and his team. If you haven't already then go check them out - I highly recommend them!"

- Chris S.


Teddys Beard Oil and Balm Review

Teddy's 'Original' 30ml Beard Oil

'Classy look and quick delivery'

"For a company that has only recently launched, Teddy's products are top quality. Combine this with a classy look and quick delivery, and you're on to a winner!

The product itself is exactly what I want in a beard oil; natural ingredients, a refreshing fragrance and it leaves my beard looking shiny and clean.

My beard has never felt or looked better, and the fact that it's made in my home of North Wales is very appealing to me! 

I'm excited to see what the future holds for Teddy's!"

- Vincent C.


Teddys Original Beard Oil Review

Teddy's 'Llywelyn' 30ml Beard Oil

Would recommend it to anyone!'

"The Llywelyn Beard Oil not only smells great; it gives a great shine. I would recommend it to anyone!"

- David W.


Teddys Llywelyn Beard Oil Review

Teddy's 'Original' Beard Care Gift Set

'Today was a great post day!'

"Today was a great post day and there was no mistaking what it was in the package! As soon as I picked it up I could smell it all through the box!

Got a beard care package from Teddy's containing their original beard balm, a bar of fantastic smelling beard soap and an Orange and Cognac Beard Oil called 'Llywelyn'. How could I resist with my name?!

Nice to see the attention to detail and see it all presented and packaged so well too! Can't wait to get stuck in later after a shower and show the beard some love! 

First impressions make an impact and this lot doesn't disappoint. Cheers Teddy's!"

- Rik Llywelyn


Rik Llywelyn Teddy's Beard Care Review

Teddy's 'Original' Beard Care Gift Set

Best in the beard business!'

"Thanks dudes, I can safely say this is the best beard product I've ever owned"

- Tim 'Gonzo' Ryan


Tim Gonzo Ryan Teddy's Beard Care Gift Set Review

Liverpool's finest barber Cut Throat Pete;

Teddy's featured in Cut Throat Pete's Vlog (2:26)

Thanks to @teddysuk for the honey smelling goodness (aka tattoo balm)??

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I have found the best beard oil ever! @teddysuk you have out done yourselves!

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